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Martial Arts School Photo Shoots are a great way to boost school spirit as well as generate additional revenue for your school or club.
Russ Haire Photo brings a complete portable portrait studio to your school and sets up at no charge to you. We offer professionally printed photos and a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Host a Photo Day at your school !

For the owner:
Your personal photos are free, up to 5 sheets of prints!!

For the School!
The School will receive a gorgeous Wall Poster!
A. 10-32 Students 16 x 20 poster
B. 32-64 Students 20 x 24 poster
C. 64-100 Students 20 x 30 poster

Return to the school:
25-100 Students 10%
100-150 Students 12%
Over 150 Students 15%

Important Things to Know!
We require a minimum 14ft x 20ft area for photo area, access to power outlets and access to facility approximately 2 hours before first photo session to allow for setup and lighting tests. A staff member must be present during the entire photo shoot. Please post sign up sheet a minimum of 2 weeks before your shoot date, and announce during all classes to maximize student turn out. A minimum of 20 students need to purchase a package for the school to receive the complimentary class composite. Photos take 2-3 weeks to arrive at school. We ship individually packaged print orders to your school for you to distribute. Once a shoot date and makeup day is scheduled, we will provide you with signage, and product samples to display. For maximum effectiveness, we ask that you require all students be photographed. No purchase is necessary however to be included in the school composite they need to be photographed.
Frequently Asked Questions
Are there any sitting fees?
No we do not charge a sitting Fee.
Can more then 1 person be in the photo?
Yes and there is NO additional charge for extra persons
When and where will the photographs be delivered?
In 2 to 3 weeks your photos will be delivered free to the school. We can ship your photos directly to you for an additional $15 shipping and handling fee.
I’m not a student, can I be photographed with my child?
Yes Absolutely!

Please call or e-mail us with any questions or concerns.
Please contact me today and let's get going with your photo fundraiser shoot!